Viktoria Kay Bikini Body Transformation

Get Rid of Cellulite!  Achieve Your Toned Stomach and Lifted Butt!

 After doing these workouts and eating right for a few months her cellulite is mostly gone, her butt is more lifted and rounder, her abs are toned and stronger, and her endurance is better.

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Success Story:

“If You Want That Summer Body, but Don’t Know Where to Start Then This Program Is for You!”

Diana Andrade


“I started doing their workout program after spending weeks working out on my own with no results! I was frustrated so I decided to give this program a try.

Honestly, this program changed my life because it gave me a HUGE push into the right direction of how to start a fitness lifestyle!

I absolutely love this program not only because its easy to follow and keeps you motivated.

I love all the workouts and how detailed everything is. If you want that summer body but don’t know where to start then this program is for you!”

Watch How Coryn Epps Lost 20lbs of Fat and Got Back into TOP Bikini Shape Fast with These Workouts and Nutrition Plan!

 Workout with Coryn and Other Personal Trainers as They Take You through Workouts Designed to Burn the Fat and Tone and Tighten Your Entire Body

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What You Get As a Member of

As a member of the Fitness Program you’ll get access to New Full Length Fitness Routines from some of the World’s Top Bikini Models and Fitness Trainers. 


These workouts can be done anywhere, with no equipment needed, and produce amazing results. Your legs will get more toned, butt more lifted, lean upper body, and sexy toned abs.


Every day you’ll be following a workout from one of our Top Fitness Trainers. They’ll show you exactly what to do and will motivate you through the workout.


And each month you’ll get access to more workouts from other top Bikini Models and Trainers.


Here’s an example of a few of the things you’ll receive if you get started today:


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Coryn’s 30 Day Get Lean Meal Guide, Nutritional Guidance, and Nutritional Videos

Nutrition is 60-70% of your progress.  Coryn will teach you exactly what she did to lose 20lbs of fat and get a lean, toned, and more fit body is just a few months. She’ll show you what foods she eats, how many meals she eats a day, and how to easily keep track of your protein, carbs and fat so you see the best results.
She’ll also teach you how to meal prep and how to make some of her favorite healthy meals in our easy to follow nutritional videos. Along with the workouts this nutrition plan help her get rid of her cellulite and get lean abs again. In the nutritional videos she’ll show you step by step what to do so its easy to follow. ($49 retail value. Included with your membership)

Beginner and Intermediate Bikini Body Workouts

If you’re new to working out or just getting back into this is where you want to start. Our team of Personal Trainers and Fitness Model will go over correct form so you know exactly what to do to get rests.
Correct form is very important to getting amazing results. If you don’t have correct form you won’t see results. That’s why we created these videos so we can spend time with you ensuring your form is perfect so you get the bikini body you want.
Fitness Trainer Coryn Epps has trained over 100 women (some paying as much as much $120 a hr) and she knows exactly what you need to get you started on your path for Fitness success. ($29 retail value. Included with your membership)

Vicky Justiz Full Complete Bikini Body Workout Routine

Vicky Justiz Full Length Ab Slimming Workout
If you want a stronger core and a lean sexy stomach then you need to do this workout. Vicky use these exercises to keep her abs lean, slim, and strong. This workout is challenging but you’ll see some great results.
($19.99 retail value, Included with your Membership)
Vicky Justiz Full Length 40 Butt Lifting and Leg Shaping Workout
If you want a more lifted bubble butt and sexy bikini thighs then you’re going to love this workout.
Vicky will take you through some of her favorite exercises to lift your butt and get shapely toned athletic thighs. Do this workout and your lower body will look great in a skirt or bikini or whatever you wear or don’t wear.
($19.99 retail value, Included with your Membership)
Vicky Justiz 40 Min Fat Burning HIIT Workout
This workout will not only help melt the fat but also get you into great cardiovascular shape. Workout with Vicky as she takes you through some of her favorite at home fat burning exercises. You’ll love the way this makes your body look.
($19.99 retail value, Included with your Membership)

Coryn Epps Full Complete Bikini Body Workout Routine

Coryn Epps Sexy Stomach Fitness Routine:
If you want sexy bikini abs fast then you’ll have to try these workouts. Coryn will help you get an amazing toned and strong midsection. Coryn is a champion Bikini Model known for her great abs and she’ll show you how its done.
($19.99 retail value, Included with your Membership)
Coryn Epps Thigh Toning and Bikini Butt Shaping Routine: 

This workout will help you get sexy shapely legs and a nice round bubble butt. Coryn will teach you some of her favorite butt lifting and leg toning exercises, many you’ve never seen or done before. This workout will make your lower body look amazing!

($19.99 retail value, Included with your Membership)
Coryn Epps Full Length Fat Blasting HIIT Workouts: 

If you want a leaner body and better endurance then you’ll have to try these workouts. Coryn will take you through a workout designed to burn the fat and tone and tighten your entire body. You will work hard and sweat but you’ll fell great afterwards. And you body will began to look more fit and toned. ($19.99 retail value, Included with your Membership)

Coryn Epps Upper Body Toning Workouts:

If you want toned arms, shoulders, chest, and back then these workouts are for you. Coryn will teach you how to get an amazing upper body with just body weight exercises. 
Bonus: Coryn will also teach you her favorite upper body exercises using dumbbells and a barbell too.
($19.99 retail value, Included with your Membership)

Yoga, Stretching & Improving Flexibility Videos

Its very important you understand how to stretch correctly to improve posture, muscle imbalances, prevent injury, and get better results. Our Stretching Improving Flexibility guide is the best out their to correct muscle imbalances so you prevent injury and train better.

We’ll teach you how to correctly foam roll so you get rid of tight muscles which can cause injury and pain. We’ll teach you when to stretch and the best ones to do so you body stay flexibly and you see better results when you workout. 

 And thats just the start….

Viktoria Kay Fat Loss Meal Plan

($29.99 retail value, Included with your Membership)

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