Q: What do I get when i become a member?

A: You get access to new full length workout videos and workout plans you can do anywhere. You also get a meal plan and nutritional guidance. Each month that you stay a member you’ll receive even more Full length workout videos and plans.



Q: Is this program just for people who want to lose weight?
A: This program is for anyone who wants a hotter bikini body. The Workouts in this program will help shape your body so it looks fit and sexy in a bikini and the nutrition plan will help get you lean. If you’d rather gain muscle weight instead of getting leaner then we recommend eating more calories while doing these workouts.



Q: Do I need any equipment to do these Home Workouts
A: No. All these workouts done with just your body weight. We do have a few bonus arm workouts on the site that are done with dumbbells and barbells if you’d like to try those too. Otherwise all you need is your body weight.



Q: How much is the membership after my trial?
A: Currently is it $9.99 a month for all new members. We’re giving you about $239 worth of Fitness Videos and Nutritional guidance just in Month 1 and each month after that you’ll receive even more great information so its a pretty great value. And you can cancel at anything. This price will probably increase in a few weeks but if you get started now you’ll lock in your low price.
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